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How do you minimize seeing eye floaters?

I have a lot of eye floaters the long stringy ones and will not thinking about the floaters make you notice them less?i’ve bveen really anxious about those crap for a week now..will being less anxious make me see them less? by the way im only 14.. Click Here To Get Eye Floaters No More [...]

Is it normal to only have floaters in one eye?

Also, I have a constant feeling like something is in that eye? (like something is stuck). I was at the eye doctor in the middle of Dec 2006 for a complete eye exam and didnt mention the floaters, but he said my eyes were fine. I do wear glasses for distances. I am also being [...]

Does anyone know of an alternative way of getting rid of floaters in the eye?

My right eye has some floaters and the eye doctor told me to just learn to live with it. I am taking lutein and bilberry from a great product. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to get rid of floaters alternatively. I really do not want laser treatments. Has anyone experienced floaters in [...]

Eye Floaters?

Do you have them, is there any treatment and if not how do you learn to live with them. They annoy the hell out of me! Click Here To Get Eye Floaters No More Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Have you been checked for ‘dry eye’? I have this, and was told by the doctor that [...]

Why are my eye floaters becoming more active?

I am 53 years old an am nearsighted to minus 9-10 range. About 5 years ago, my eye doctor indicated that I have glaucoma, thus, I now am taking 1 drop of Alphagan and 1 drop of Travitan, to keep the pressure in the range of 18-20. However, during the last 5 years, Eye Floaters [...]

Afterimages,floaters,flashes,eyes?please help?

Hi, im 17 years old i been having vision problems for about half year.Im having floaters and flashes, i have -3 myopia,and now im seeing these afterimages for example if i look in a light it remains in my vision for a long time or when im looking at the monitor and then look away [...]

How long do eye floaters last?

I have had eye floaters in both of my eyes for over 7 months now. I went to the doctor about 4-5 months ago and she said that they should go away by the end of the year. But i still have them. Is it normal to have them for this long? and plus i’m [...]

I have eye floaters and Visual Snow I have to see the eye doctor in 3 days from now what do they do?

Can the eye doctor see the floaters and Visual Snow by looking in the eye machine they use to look at your eye. Click Here To Get Eye Floaters No More Best Offer! Chosen Answer: These floaters you speak of most likely are vitreal floaters, which are normal “floaters” that is tissue that is left [...]

Should I take the eye floater surgery?

Here are some of the other comments, I found Comment number 1. Surgery to remove one floater would probably liberate several more. There is some stuff they can inject into your eye called vetreosolve that would dissolve them. That is really not the intended purpose of this drug. So at least in the USA, you [...]

Little flashes of light and eye floaters problem?Pleasw help!!!?

I’m only 17 years old, i have this problem where i see little flashes of light, same size as little dots, and also eye floaters, i see about 8 or 10 of them and they never go away i see them every second of everyday, is this a serious problem? do i need eye surgery [...]