If you have read the about page ā€“ About The iPhone Blogging, you’ll know that I’ve already got the iPhone 2G and 3G. Currently both of my iPhones are still in new and good conditions and I’m still getting my third iPhone ā€“ iPhone 3GS. Now, you might be thinking why I need to have [...]

My previous mobile phone was Sony Ericssons K810i, which I’ve used it for about 1 year plus before I’ve chosen to use Apple iPhone. Now, I use it as my spare phone just in case my iPhone is run out of battery. After used the iPhone for quite sometimes, I’ll not getting used to the [...]

Why would you choose Apple iPhone?

You love Apple’s products

You like the iPhone’s features

You don’t choose, it is a gift

You just want to try the iPhone

You like to have a new gadget

I would really love to know the reasons why you’ve chosen Apple iPhone.