Why are my eye floaters getting bigger and worse overtime?

Ever since i started wearing glasses, my eye floaters got worse. Is there something wrong with me? Because i never noticed my floaters before until now. And yes i have near-sightedness and diplopia.

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Chosen Answer:

Okay, you should go to the doctor.

Eye floaters are harmless if they are small or just a bit or if they don’t change in form, quantity or opacity.
If you say that they are getting bigger you should go to a doctor, they can be a sign of the detachment of the retina.

They appear because of the opacification of the vitreous, that is the gel we have inside the eye.
If your myopia is high (let’s say -6 or above) you are more prone to have a detachment of the retina.
by: Airin
on: 3rd July 12

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